Launchpad Parleys . . .

Launchpad Parleys are analytical pieces and op-eds by the firm’s principals focusing on economic, social, and political issues impacting the development of CARICOM, Commonwealth and ACP countries. These are presented through our blogs and podcasts series, and are intended to stimulate thought and discussion among our readers. 

See the Blog offerings below . . .

The Dragon on the Beaches: China and the Caribbean as Development Partners? – July 2020

Back to the Future: Returning to Local (Food Production that is . . .) – June 2020

Development’s Double Bifurcation: Reframing Caribbean-ACP, Commonwealth and EU Relations post Brexit. July 2017

The Dangers of Sit and Wait (Ambush) Predation: Is it time to change the approach towards Caribbean-US Relations? June 2017

Caribbean Development – Rudderless and in a State of Existential Drift – May 2017

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