Enhance Innovation and Productivity

Competitiveness in a global environment requires productive efficiency.  Productive efficiency in turn, requires an appetite for and investment in innovation.   This means firms, industry, governments  have to know how productive they are vis a vie the competition and encourage the use of innovation to close gaps or leap ahead.  Small and medium enterprises may find it difficult to realize productivity gains on their own but through clustering can mitigate risk, encourage innovation, and realize internal or external economies of scale .  Understanding how to engineer the organization or cluster of organizations for performance and innovation, and implementing organizational change to that end, is what we do. Services we offer include:

  • Organization/institution reform: assessment,  strategy,  adjustment support and measurement
  • Productivity and Innovation audits and adjustment support
  • Cluster  policy development, strategy and implementation
  • Cluster facilitation
  •  Country level assessments of the  political and socio-economic factors affecting private sector development;
  • Innovation policy and eco-system development and facilitation
  • Human resource strategy development and implementation related to organizational change