Improve Competitiveness

Issues facing firms and the governments who support their activities become more intense in a globalized environment.  To grow competitively firms need sound technical advise  and practical support to address enterprise-level impediments to productivity,  innovation, and export competitiveness.  They also benefit from advocacy, and national eco-systems (including policies and  public institutions) which support their growth and development aspirations. To effectively support private sector led growth, Governments need to encourage and deliver innovation in the delivery of public good and services.  Launchpad Consulting has an international track record of delivering these types of services  at various levels to both firms and governments  in this paradigm to improve competitiveness and economic value.  Services we offer include:

  • Value chain analysis and mapping
  • Supply chain analysis and mapping
  • Competitiveness audits and adjustment support
  • Market access knowledge products, strategy and implementation
  • Export development knowledge products, strategy implementation and promotion
  • Trade and export policy knowledge products, advice and adjustment support
  • Trade negotiations support and private sector advocacy in trade negotiations