What We Do

We provide tailored solutions for industry growth problems.  We work with  export focused start ups,  well established internationally trading companies, business support organizations,  regulators and government agencies with a private sector focus to . . .

and we have a history of development Consulting as a testimony to our passion  and commitment to delivering results.   Outstanding among these are lead consulting roles as Private Sector Specialists, Advocates and Advisors, Private Sector Development, Trade and Export Development Policy and Implementation Advisors and Change Managers and Facilitators.

 Private Sector Development Advisors –  In the last five years Launchpad consulting has been on the forefront of Private Sector Development in the Caribbean, leading initiatives to develop market access and resiliency for the region’s firms and to stimulate linkages to encourage industrial cluster formation as a private sector development option for the  region.  Both principals have served as long term technical managers for regional private sector development programs and advisors to private enterprises and governments on  SME development, Competitiveness, Innovation, Export Development and Promotion, Investment Attraction, Productivity and Change Management, and have worked in Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the OECS.

 Advisors to Trade  Ministries  –    In Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Papua New Guinea, Botswana and across the Caribbean to assess and counsel on how these countries can institutionally restructure and strengthen to benefit more from international trade with a view to increased growth and poverty reduction.

National Export Strategy Lead Advisors  – Advisor to technical teams and governments in the Caribbean on development of their National Export Strategies

Tourism Policy Advisors – Resident Consultants  and Organizational Specialist in the development of Belize’s SustainableTourism Program and National Tourism Sector Policy.